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Pat Champagne 651-285-9457


Lynn Cooch lynn@coochs.com  (612) 718-0501

Danielle Slater (334) 287-2705  


Gary and Stephanie Libra   (952) 440-4662


Skip and Linda Abel   (763) 441-8939


The following MN Boxer Club breeders offer years of experience with

Boxers, and will be happy to share their knowledge about the breed.  

These individuals can help answer questions and offer their advice

regarding subjects such as: how to search for a good breeder, puppy

selection, tips on care, grooming, training, showing, health concerns

and other topics relating to Boxers.  

The MN Boxer Club strongly suggests that when you are

searching for a Boxer or Boxer advice, please use the information from

more than just one source when doing your research.  Remember that

everyone's knowledge and opinions will vary based on their