Minnesota Boxer Club



To support and uphold the official

standard of the breed as approved

by the American Kennel Club.

To affiliate with, support and conform

to the rules, By-Laws and

regulations of the American Boxer

Club, and to encourage and support

its activities.

To encourage and promote quality,

in the breeding of purebred Boxers

and to protect and advance an

interest in the breed.

To do all in its power to protect and

advance the interests of the breed by

encouraging sportsmanlike

competition at dog shows,

obedience trials and exhibitions.

To conduct sanctioned and licensed

specialty shows and / or obedience

trials under the rules of the American

Kennel Club.

To initiate educational programs and

promotional activities, which will

stimulate and extend public

information about the Boxer.

For members of the Minnesota Boxer

Club, Inc. to abide by those portions

of the American Boxer Club By-Laws

and Code of Ethics which are

applicable to members of member


The MN Boxer Club is a member of the American Boxer Club.  

Our By-laws and Constitution closely resemble that of our parent club.  

The MN Boxer Club membership is made up of Boxer breeders, Boxer owners who

show and compete with their dogs in AKC conformation, obedience and agility events, as well as Boxer enthusiasts who simply enjoy being involved with the breed.   

The MN Boxer Club currently hosts 2 Boxer Specialty conformation shows back to back in June and in conjunction with the Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club shows.  Our Specialty shows also offer Sweepstakes shows for the puppies and junior boxers,  we host a pot-luck dinner and raffle for those who competed and the boxer fans that came to watch the show.

We occasionally have educational programs relating to health, breeding, and other

issues involving the Boxer.  Our meetings are held at varying locations. The meetings may be held at a club member’s home, a public meeting room that we reserve or at the Perkins Restaurant in St. Louis Park, MN.   Meetings dates vary.   We receive at least 10 days notice of upcoming meetings by mail.  In an attempt to accommodate the varying work schedules and driving distances of our members, the MN Boxer Club has been trying to vary our meeting times so that some meetings are held on weeknights and some meetings are held on weekends.