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Our first "meet the member" is Skip & Linda Abel. Linda is the current President of Minnesota Boxer Club. Linda has been involved in various committees serving ABC, serving for 14 years as Annual Awards Chair. She served as Vice President of ABC for three years and as President from 2016-2018. She was elected President again in 2020-2021. She also is currently serving on the Board of the American Boxer Charitable Foundation. Linda is the Production Coordinator for the American Boxer Top Twenty.
But I Just Want a Pet, Not a Show Dog! The Purpose and Importance of Dog Shows
This refrain is heard over and over by breeders of purebred dogs across the globe, and frankly, we cringe EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
Unfortunately, the dog show world still seems quite mysterious to the general population, even with the popularity of televised events such as Westminster Kennel Club in February and Crufts in U.K. in March. The movie "Best In Show," while very funny, is a parody of the people involved in conformation dog showing and breeding. So why is dog showing important to anyone looking to add a puppy to their household. Follow the link below to learn more.
Hypothyroidism in Dogs
The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation reported "Hypothroidism, the end stage of autoimmune disease, is the most common endocrine disorder in dogs. Considered a hereditary condition, autoimmune thyroditis is highly prevalent in Boxers."
Unfortunately, this disease is found in nearly all breeds to one extent or another. While it is genetic, the mode of inheritence is unknown, there is no DNA test for breeders to use and is generally a late onset condition meaning breeding stock is likely to test positive long after having produced offspring. Even more frustrating is the difficulty owners have with getting a correct diagnosis, proper prescription dosage and correct directions for most effective use.
Official AKC Boxer Breed Standard
Breed standards are a description of the characteristics of an ideal specimen and may include physical or morphological detail, genetic criteria, althetic or productive performance.
The official standard for each breed and any revision thereof, originates with the parent club - for the Boxer it is the American Boxer Club, and submits it to the AKC Board of Directors for approval. It is the breeder's blueprint to perfection and the instrument used by dog show judges to evaluate the breeder's work - ie: how close each entrant at a conformation show comes to the ideal specimen of the breed. Follow the link below to learn more.

Boxer Quicks

The first Boxer breed club was formed in 1895 in Munich, Germany. By the 1900's, the Boxer was known worldwide. The Boxer was used extensively during WW1 and WW2 as guard/patrol dogs, pack dog and messenger dog. It was here the breed gained popularity with soliders from all over the world who then him home. With their altheletic looks, versatile skills and charming personality, the Boxer became famous as guardian of hearth and home.


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